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I can't speak because your kitten has taken my tongue

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Focusing heavily on melody and dynamics, Chaselounge produces original music that mixes elements of 50's doo-wop with the powerful quirkiness of current power-pop/rock acts; call it "50's Alternative" or "Doo-Rock".

Think Buddy Holly through a Marshall stack, on stage with Elvis Costello - the perfect combination of power and melody. With the foundation laid by an extremely tight and proficient rhythm section, Chaselounge rounds out the package with creative guitar work and beautifully crafted 3-part vocal harmonies. Up front, lead singer Shawn Scott possesses a very charismatic lead voice and presence.

Chaselounge has quickly amassed a strong and loyal following, both in and out of Ohio. The band emerged locally in the fall of 2002 - then hit the road hard in July of 2003 after signing on with YesYeah Productions. They reached Regional status success with continuous visits to cities such as Chicago, Columbus, Indianapolis, Athens, Bloomington and many towns in Michigan. Chaselounge has been well received by the venues they play, the bands they play with and press outlets throughout the region.

Chaselounge released their long awaited debut album Mayday, Roger the Radio in the summer of 2004. Comprised of hook filled, melodic and powerful rock songs, Mayday will most certainly push Chaselounge to the National level.

Filled with four experienced touring and studio musicians and armed with catchy powerful pop/rock songs, Chaselounge is ready to move forward.

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