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I can't speak because your kitten has taken my tongue [entries|friends|calendar]

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June 16th, 2007]

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Upcoming Shows [Thursday
December 29th, 2005]

01/06/2006 09:00 PM - Elbo's
200 S. Jefferson, Dayton, OH 45402 - 18+: $7 21+: $5

A great night of rock at Dayton's finest original music venue: Elbo's! w/ Mona and High Plains Drifter.

01/07/2006 10:00 PM - The Mad Frog
10:00p 10:00p 1 E McMillan St, Cincinnati, OH 45219 -

Chaselounge in their hometown of Cincy with Noctaluca and tba starting at 10:00pm

01/14/2006 10:00 PM - Mickey Finns
602 Lagrange at Huron, Toledo, OH 43604 -

Chaselounge to rock Toledo. For more show info call 419-246-3466

01/21/2006 10:00 PM - The Pontiac
1531 N. Damen Ave., Chicago, IL 60622 -

Back to the Pontiac!!! http://metromix.chicagotribune.com/search/28581,0,1998481.venue Call 773-252-7767 for more info! Showtime: 10pm
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October 16th, 2005]

on-air interview with chris and aaron on 88.3 right now

aka midnight.

tune in to hear a)the interview and b)songs
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October 10th, 2005]

Anyone know the tracklisting for the new CD?

So far we know "If This Is Over", "Jack and Janet", and a new one, "Unconrol".

Any other songs that were on Mayday?

And damn those 18+ record release parties!
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Pics and such. [Wednesday
August 17th, 2005]

Chaselounge has a new, better website, in case anyone has failed to check their email, and it has a merch section, which is great news for minors who can't go to most of their shows...like the mods.

There are some cool pics of the boys at http://www.studiothebambooroom.com/

Sooo, there's going to be a video for "If This is Over"? Does that mean they're re-recording it, or just putting it on the new album? Maybe they're just putting the video on the record...

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It'll be weird seeing a video with a guitar I've played and an amp I played the day Chris bought it at Mike's Music.

P.S., the Terrors are also on the site, and they're pretty cool. I met the guy who does their artwork, and it's amazing.
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Breaking my own damn rules [Thursday
August 4th, 2005]

Sorry you guys...
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July 27th, 2005]

hey, i've got a picture! well, i didn't take it, i have no idea who did... and i don't know where it's from. chris sent it to me.

voilaCollapse )
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Photofest [Wednesday
July 27th, 2005]

just for fun, has anyone taken any pictures of the guys, maybe at a show or party? Here's mine.

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Ah-ha, camera phones.
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Puppies!!! [Wednesday
July 27th, 2005]

According to Shep, Chris has a new puppie named Ernie.

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June 9th, 2005]

check it out... new layout.

it's basically the same as mine only... different. haha.

tell me what you think.
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hey there, i'm the new one! [Wednesday
June 8th, 2005]

i'm so stoked that y'all started a community on here. are you in the cincy area? going to show next friday?
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layout/such [Tuesday
June 7th, 2005]

okay, i love layouts...

but i'm going through some major computer problems right now.

i'll mess with it as soon as i can fix this stupid thing, i promise.
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The new Chaselounge community. [Tuesday
June 7th, 2005]

This is the community for the Cincinnati rock group, Chaselounge.

visit their myspace at http://www.myspace.com/chaselounge or their site at http://www.chaseloungemusic.com.

I've totally played the guitar on the right.
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